Monday, March 16, 2009

Our Love Story


Our Love Story
by Dannijo

I'd never known what love could be,
Until I saw your face,
Those deep green eyes, those perfect lips,
stole my heart without a trace.

I'd never known true happiness,
Until you smiled at me,
That was the moment I knew,
I'd be with you for the rest of eternity.

I couldn't believe how lucky I was,
To have you as my own,
When you told me how much you'd always loved me,
I wept for what I hadn't known.

I flew into the sky,
You were mine at last,
Now I knew the true meaning of together,
It happened all so fast.

Then my world came crashing down,
You broke my heart in two,
You loved somebody else,
And there was nothing I could do.

I cried myself to sleep at night,
I couldn't stop the tears,
All my nightmares had come true,
I'd realized my worst fears.

I felt so alone inside,
But I tried to be strong,
I tried so hard to show you,
That I was all right all along.

But inside I was screaming,
Ripping at my soul,
Trying to figure out,
What my heart could not console.

Slowly I healed,
The wound growing faint,
But the scar was still there,
Reminding of your hate.

Then one day you confessed,
How much you still cared,
You poured your whole heart out to me,
And I realized we were both scared.

Scared of all our feelings,
Of what we didn't know,
Scared how much we needed each other,
Of moving too fast, when we should have taken it slow.

That's when we both realized,
We should be together,
and you asked me to be yours,
We were meant for each other.

All the walls came crashing down,
I could tell you anything,
I loved the comfort I found,
When it was you that was listening.

Someday I will give you this poem,
When the time is right,
But for now, my love,
Just hold me tight.


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