Sunday, March 15, 2009



by momacie

Why is it that I feel this way?
I have so many “friends” that keep me in the loop
But lately I have cast them aside,
Why is this I ask myself?

Feel I have “connected” with one again,
But again it’s difficult to say the least.
We connect on so many levels.
But commitments get in the way.

Yes, again a married one has made me feel so right.
Swore they would not be married again, but here I am
Waiting to hear from him with baited breath,
To hear from him, his on line love is all it is!

I torture myself please tell me why?
Figured to find a someone single to be the one,
But then again I can’t commit but was so close that it could have been so!
I know none of this rhymes but just me stating what do I do?

Yes, guess I am looking for love,
Maybe the wrong place but is all that I have
It is what it is and that’s all I can say.
Guess I will end this with just what I said.


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