Friday, March 20, 2009

My handsome lukman


My handsome lukman

Every morning I wake to the sky so bright and blue.
I can't think where I would be if it weren't for you.

You leave me speechless just looking at you
my heart is bleeding of love as I know yours is too.

My life felt complete from the moment you walked in
I promise to love you forever for love is not a sin.

A thousand words can not express what you mean to me. I am certain that you are here for eternity.

The red beating heart and ocean so blue.
Got created something so special and that special person is you.

Never have i felt such a full feeling of being in love
but i believe in angels and that angel was you sent from above.

I will hold you close and protect you from pain
I swear to you my love, you will never hurt again.

I have prayed for the one who was meant to be.
And that one is the love of my life and his name is


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