Saturday, March 21, 2009

I Want


I Want
by Holly

I want...

I want to see you glow
from head to toe
watch you laugh so hard
because I said a joke

I want to love you
like nobody has
think about the future with me
and forget about the past

I want to ease your soul
and open up your mind
give you a spin on life
and make everything fine

I want to look into your eyes
and feel your heart
give you everything you need
I won't stop, once I start

I want to hold you tight
and brush the hair from your face
Whisper, "I love you" in your ear
and feel your heart start to race

I want to give you a piece of me
that nobody else has
I'll wipe away the tears
after I said words, I could never take back

I want everything with you baby
and this is our chance
So lets stay close
hand in hand


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