Tuesday, March 17, 2009



by island5161

I think of you often thru my dull and lonely life
My heart races with excitement at your mere and mortal sight
Your gentle touch
A playful pinch
Bring a smile to my face

The thought of your grin
The tone of your laugh
Sends me trembling again and again
Not once or twice but many times over
You shiver my timber till hell freezes over

My mind races to your arms
For comfort and solace
To touch your lips
To hold you in my arms
Makes me feel like I found a lucky charm

You inspired me to love, to be gentle and caring
You inspired me to live life
With passion and daring
You inspire me to pursue happiness
And set myself free

I must thank you for your inspiration
It means more than you know
Your love and kindness fills a big hole
With every breath that I take
I would give you my soul


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