Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Getting Over You


Getting Over You
by Bonnee(salma

All these years I
thought I knew
the heart that beat
inside of you.

I give you credit
you done great
you captured my heart
with plans to break.

You broke it with
your cheating way
it'll happen to you
today I pray.

I want you to hurt
as you caused me
to ache all over
till you can't see.

To stay up all
hours of the night
just wishing I was there
to hold you tight.

But I won't be
and I never will
with your cheating ways
our love you killed.

All your memories
I've swept out the door
to think of you
is such a bore.

I'll find better love
next time you see
I'm not thinking of you
so don't think of me.

You don't know what you lost
when you done me wrong
I'll find a true man
to sing me love's song.

I'm getting over you
with each passing day
I just remind myself
of your cheating way.

So this is goodbye
I won't wish you luck
you really hurt me
you cheating *&#%.


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