Thursday, February 12, 2009

One First Kiss Goodbye


One First Kiss Goodbye
by RosesAreBlue

I happened upon your memory today,
I try to forget, but in my mind you stay.
Heartbreaking it was that we said goodbye,
It was for the best, I can't lie.

I know that you loved me, I even felt it too,
but I still couldn't bring myself to loving you.
This chapter of my life just isn't over yet,
still, you're a part of me that I can't forget.

You're still my solace on those lonely nights.
You still keep me warm, and hold me tight.
I hear your laughter, I can see your smile.
You're the only one that soothes me,
no matter the miles.

So, if it's true things happen in mysterious ways,
then perhaps I'll find you again someday.
I wanna hold you, and look into your eyes,
as we share our first kiss,
and our last kiss goodbye.

For now, I hope your "promise" is lying
next to you,
loving you completely, the way I couldn't do.
And I hope your heart's as filled as it could ever be,
but please, could you save a little spot for me?


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