Thursday, February 12, 2009

Not Dead But Dying


Not Dead But Dying
by Bonnee(salma

Will my love die in despair
no, cause there's no love there
from your side I'm talking about
oh you spoke the words but no love came out.

You gotta show what you mean
and mean what you say
but you haven't done that
to this very day.

I'm gullible I'll admit
I believe most what's said to me
and oh I believed every word you spoke
cause those words set my heart free.

I was in pain when I met you
I thought you were my shining star
but I think you're just a mirage
a shadow from a far.

I keep reaching out to you
like I done so hard today
but you pretended you didn't see me
and just kept fading away.

I'm not a game nor a toy
I hurt I break I cry
I show you how deeply I love you
but for me--you don't even try.

When a heart lacks love and attention
and no affection is shown
it will surely fade from sight
as a heart much own.


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