Thursday, February 12, 2009


Chasing Butterflies
by wickedckg

I see you undress me
with your sexy eyes
from the locks of my auburn hair
down to my voluptuous thighs
I know that you want me
which is no surprise
whether or not you will get me
is still a compromise.
I contemplate allowing you
to take me as your prize
or leave you hanging by a string
in a tangle of my lies.
I switch my hips and toss my hair;
you shyly analyze
as confident as I appear to be
insecurities I internalize.
I wonder if your adoration
will ever be verbalized
or if you're terrified
of your confession being chastised.
I might tell you of my new found interest
before your fondness dies
before you walk away from me
my presence you'll memorize.
I watch you from behind my shades;
I look away as you realize
as you approach me my tummy flutters,
a feeling I recognize.
I let you silently take my hand
despite my inner cries
and we walk, and we talk;
our hearts chasing butterflies..


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