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Ideas: Going Out - Date Ideas


A Dance Under The Stars!
Make sure it is a very starry night and take your boyfriend to a beach or lake were there is sand or a pier. If you can use music do it! If not just enjoy the silence and dance and hold each other. It is very romantic!!!
by Jennifer

A Date At The Circus
A date to remember would be to take your date out to dinner and talk over an enjoyable mea. Then go the circus, enjoy the show and sitting next to each other. On the ride back home, talk about all the funny and enjoyable parts of the show. Things like this may seem kiddy to us men, but seem to turn out quite enjoyable and not to mention, unforgettable.
by David

A Day of Sailing
Being the owner of a sailboat I can tell you that asking a girl out for a day of sailing is always a sure bet. Sailing small boats is very easy and a few tips from an instructor will bring impressive results. It’s a great day on the water, your both learning new skills and it’s relatively inexpensive. How about free sailing? If you call local sailing clubs, you can usually arrange free crewing on regatta days. It’s a great way to meat new people and sailing skills are not always expected. Lastly, try composing a message in a bottle with your date and send it off together; you may be pleasantly reminded of the date by mail months or years later!
by Marco

A Dinner Adventure
This will take some pre-planning, but is well worth the effort. Visit the best restaurant in your community and ask the manager for help with a special event. Pre-select your table, pre-order your food and drinks, request special music from the piano, and pay for everything IN ADVANCE. This way, all your attention can be on HER alone... Choose a table that is small (preferably rounded) so that your hands and knees will be near each other. Dessert must be sinfully decadent... request something you NEVER would have ordered. In advance, ask the manager to "rent" you a waiter or bellhop for 10 minutes during the meal. Have them "decorate" your car secretly while you are eating --as if you have just been married-- complete with cans tied to the fender and "CRAZY IN LOVE" written on the window. Surprise your lover by sending roses with an invitation to a dinner "adventure"... and prepare for the fireworks! She will be amazed at the time you spent planning her "pleasuring" and will likely want to reciprocate. Allow her!!!
by Rameses

A Glorious Night Out!
Our favorite night was when we borrowed my parent's porsche convertible and went to a gourmet wine and foods restaurant. We ordered great wine and apps., feeding each other. Afterwards we got in convertible and shared a cigar on the way to downtown. We were so carefree and in love. When we arrived downtown, the valet parked our sports car and we preceded to have a blast and a most romantic evening!
by Lili & Bryan

A Night Under The Stars
This only REALLY works with a truck or a car with a big sunroof ;). Find a nice field of lost country road. Load the back of the truck up with a few pillows and a nice thick blanket and stay out under the stars. It was one of the best nights of my life.
by Chris

A Night at the Drive-In
If you really want a romantic night on a special occasion, and don't have a large amount of money to spend, try one of America's forgotten past-times: the drive-in movie theatre! There aren't too many left in the US, but they do exist, and they really are a special experience! If you live near one, it's a great "special" date idea that doesn't cost too much and is pretty out of the ordinary unless you already visit one. A good list of these theatres that are still open can be found at The Drive-In Theater.
by AC

A Romantic Combination
I just had to write to you about my experience after reading this site and combining three ideas with a little twist involved. I started the evening with a game. It consisted of little notes throughout my house that led her back to me to find out how the evening would start, but I did it with a twist. I read here that some individuals would leave a trail of Hershey’s Kisses…instead I left notes on where to find the main note that sent her back to me. Along with each note I laid a white rose. At the end, where the final note was, I laid three pink roses tipped with red. When she came to her final destination (me) she was all smiles. I asked her to chose a number from 1 - 10 (read that here too) she chose 6. I gave her six kisses all on different places of her body. After that I revealed 6 cards, with the word, “EATS” on one side and on the other, listing a restaurant. After choosing her card, we went to eat. I brought with me another set of cards for our trip there and back. They included, "At each red light kiss him/her 1 time", along with others such as, "at this very moment give him/her a passionate kiss.” Well, I received that card and commenced to pull over on the highway, stop, and lay one on her that she'd never forget. The cards also included, "Tell him/her something sensual about yourself”, “Tell him/her something you think is sexy about them", “Tell him/her something that you have yet to reveal about your past” and so on. Not all cards referred to sex or sensual stuff but questions that were not normally asked on a date regarding their past of likes and dislikes, just something to get to know them better. While at the restaurant, there was another set of cards to determine what the events of the evening would consist of after dinner. Examples of card choices were: a sensual massage next to the stone hearth fire, movies, watching a band, romantic evening walk under the stars, and so on. The whole evening went off without a hitch and she was impressed to say the least! Just wanted to let some of you out there know that even when reading the ideas here on the site, don't forget you can combine them to make an even better evening for you and your date, girlfriend, lover or wife...have fun creating romance!
by Kirk

A Romantic Day
Just this past weekend, the greatest person in my life did the 5 most romantic things ever done for me, all in a single day! First he gave me two roses, a white one to show how much he missed me and a red one for all of his love to me. We went out to eat and he announced loudly that he loved me so much and that he hoped everyone heard him! Before seeing a movie later that day, he played an arcade game. Not only did he get first place and enter his name, but won first place again and entered mine. Afterwards he won first again and entered both of our intials. He got us a hotel room and bought my favorite game, Scrabble! Last but not least, he gave me an online dedication!
by Shannon

A Romantic Hike!
I love to hike, and an old boyfriend and I would find the places that had big rocks to climb up onto, we would play hide and seek in the rocky terrain, and usually I would pack a lunch for us. One time, he surprised me, and brought champagne (the MUMMS kind $$) and we toasted to a sunset sitting on the rocks overlooking a beautiful valley.
by Anonymous


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