Thursday, February 12, 2009

Ideas: Going Out - Setting The Mood


A Night Planned For Passion
I went to the store and bought blue roses (since he is a guy), Hershey's kisses (in the gold and silver wrapper), candles (scented) and bubble bath. Now, eating out is or can get boring, so I wanted to do something different. I made reservations at a restaurant where they have belly dancers. I also printed a poem for him off the computer. Now, after all of this I gave my friend a key to my apartment so she can set it up after I left. So, we went out to eat, he had no idea that I had a night filled with passion planned for him. When we got ready to leave the restaurant, I called my friend to run the bubble bath and light the candles. When he walked in, he had a poem on the coffee table with a rose on top of it (I teld him to stay there). I slipped on something sexy and got him. He walked into the room filled with rose pedals, Hershey kisses forming hearts with candles in the middle as well as the words, “Oh, I Love You, Q” on my black carpet.
by Kim Tumey

A Romantic Night Out For Him
Have a car waiting to pick him up at work with the driver holding a sign with his name on it. The driver will then drive him to the hotel of your picking and give him the key and room number. Upon entering his room, he will find a suit and a note to get dressed and go back to the car. After he is dressed and leaves the room, you go into the room, unseen, and scatter rose petals all over the place and put champagne on ice. Have the candles and music ready to be turned on upon your return. Now it is time for you to get in your car and meet up with him at the restaurant he has been taken too. It is okay to be a little late because at this point he is wondering what is going on. You arrive in your sexy evening gown and a rose. Don't forget to put on some of his favorite perfume! After a romantic candle lit dinner, the two of you return to the car together and the driver takes you back to your hotel. Go up a little before him so you can turn on the music and light the candles. Also, run a hot bath with rose petals covering the surface of the water. When he arrives in the room romance him with all you have in you. He will never forget this night and may even plan a night to top yours.
by Dee

A Special Invitation for Two
Buy an invitation and give it to one of the customers that is going into where your honey works. In the invitation put your address (to make it more interesting) and the rest of the normal stuff. When your honey comes to the door have a candlelight dinner ready. Play a variety of love songs. Then take them to a secluded spot and watch the river or sunset. End the evening watching your favorite movie and cuddle. During the evening remember to tell them how much they mean to you!!
by Anonymous

Beary Romantic Invite
My boyfriend doesn't go to my school and about 3 or 4 weeks before my prom he had been telling me about all these romantic ideas guys at his school were doing to ask their dates to prom. I must say I was envious. It was just a given we were going together… or so I thought. Then I received a huge box at school. They called me to the office and I had to carry it to my next class. My teacher let me open it. Inside was a sweet note saying how beautiful I was going to look at prom and he was the luckiest guy to have me on his arm. BUT inside the box was a teddy bear, he had made at Build-a-Bear workshop. When I squeezed the bear's hand my boyfriend's voice came on and said my name and asked me to prom!!
by Trish

Buried Treasure
I took my love to the beach for Valentine’s day. For a little spice, I took a small chest, wrote a poem on a heart shaped piece of paper, and placed it in the box. I also placed petals from a rose, candy hearts and a ring. I went to the beach before hand and buried the chest under the sand. When I took her to the beach later that night, I blindfolded her and took her to a spot where I had a blanket and some candles in the sand. After we ate, I told her to start digging with a plastic shovel and she found the chest. It was a very romantic night.
by Anonymous

Concert Surprise
When I found out that my favorite band was coming to town and would be only two blocks away from my dorm, I was bummed. I know that sounds funny, but I am a college freshmen and TOTALLY BROKE! My boyfriend told me that he had tried his hardest to get me tickets, but had no luck. Then on the night of the concert (which was also the last day of finals) he showed up at my dorm room with red roses and the newest live CD from my favorite band. How sweet! But it didn't end there-- he told me that he wanted to take me for a walk in the park to look at the Christmas lights and then we would go ice-skating. As we walked through the park, he kept telling me that we should get close to the arena where the band was playing-- which was directly across the street from the park. When we got as close as we could without crossing the street, I was bummed to find that no sound could be heard at all. My boyfriend turned to me and said, "So do you want to go now?" "Yeah," I replied, I was getting cold and depressed and just wanted to go back home. "No," he corrected me, "Do you want to go to the concert?" I thought that I had died! I was so excited and surprised! It was absolutely the sweetest thing that anyone had ever done for me-- he was definitely well rewarded for that!
by Jill Ann

Cut and paste dance
My boyfriend did this for me as his way to ask me to a dance. He got a large piece of construction paper, and cut out people in nice dresses dancing. Then he cut out the bodies of two people, a guy in a tux and a girl in a nice dress, then pastes our faces on it (that he cut from photos of each other). It was so cute! On the bottom it said, "If I could "cut" my way into any dance, I'd "paste" myself in your arms."
by Banky

Dancing to Violins
The day of our one-year anniversary, my boyfriend came and picked me up at my house and took me to this gorgeous building, downtown. Once inside, he took me to the dance floor. It was all wood and very ornate; gorgeous! The next thing I know, I hear violin music playing! A friend of his knows how to play the violin and came and played some of our special songs while we danced. It was so special. Just him and I on the dance floor was magical. Then he took me to dinner and on a carriage ride around Downtown. It was the most memorable evening we've ever had. When I think of how much time and effort it took for him to plan this evening, it makes me love him even more!
by Heather

Dining Out Tips
Take your love out to a restaurant. Before you go, a couple hours ahead of time, Find the waiter/waitress that will be waiting on you. Give the waiter/waitress a love poem for your love and tell them when your half way done your meal, to deliver this to your love. Also have a plate made with a special saying on it ,like I love you, and have your loves meal served on that plate. So when your love gets done eating, she sees you message to her. (also don't forget to tip the waiter)
by WDS

Finding the Christmas Spirit
Last year my girlfriend had a terrible Christmas where she sat around the tree with her girlfriends and complained about how terrible Christmas was. So her Christmas spirit is low. Since it is so low I am planning on trying to boost it. It's our first Christmas together and I'm hoping I can make it something she will never forget. Of course she has not told me what she wants so I am going to have to do something romantic. Since we will have to be with our families on the morning of Christmas, I was thinking either Christmas Eve or Christmas night. With the snow on the ground (providing there is some) you could make a snowwoman of her, and she could make a snowman of you. Explain why you picked what, for the features you add to them. For example, my girlfriend has a great smile so I would make a big deal out of that on the snowwoman. Work in a snowball fight and rolling around in the snow. Afterwards, find some way to get warmer, like hot chocolate and snuggling under a warm blanket together…
by Anonymous


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