Thursday, February 12, 2009

Ideas: Dating Tips


Beginning The Courtship
The love of my life - who is now, my husband - suffered a lot before I showed him that I loved him too. Two weeks after we started dating, he asked me to be his girlfriend in the most beautiful way possible! He came to my house - it was Halloween and I was going to paint his face - and when he came in, he gave me a beautiful bouquet, asked where my bedroom was, and told me to wait in the living room. I waited, and when he called me, he told me to close my eyes, and once inside, he closed the door. When I opened my eyes, the room was all in darkness, except the word "AMO-TE" (I love you) written on the floor with candles! Then he asked me the old fashioned way if I wanted to be his girlfriend and, of course, I couldn't resist and said YES! It was best that I could ever dream!
by Ana

Cell Phone Fun
If you have a cell phone, and a crush on someone, drive to their house when you know they're home, and call them on your cell. (Make sure you have them on the phone before you get there!) Start a casual conversation, then pull up to their driveway, go to the front door and ring the bell. Then say, "Oops! Better answer your door!" When they answer the door say, "Hi! Wanna go do something?" ("Wanna go bungee jumping?" worked for me! It got me my current boyfriend!)
by Athena

Coded Love Letter
This letter took a LONG time to type, but I had a job where I was at a computer with a lot of down time. This was my favorite thing I can remember doing. I wrote a full page letter of romance and told her just how much I loved her. Ladies don't just throw those away. I called her on the phone and asked her to get the letter. I told her to fold the letter over from right to left where only the first row of letters were visible. Vertically down the page, it read: "Your eyes are beautiful." Then I had her do the same to the right side of the page. The right side from top to bottom read: "Check your trunk." I had a key to her car, so I had tied a few helium balloons in there and there was a message that started her off on a clue finding mission to a night of romance.
by PAC

Dating Tip #1
In dating, what matters most is the communication; if you are a good listener you will surely enjoy your date with your partner.
by Henry S.

First Date Romance
The plan was to pick up this incredibly gorgeous, intelligent woman at her apartment for a lunch date. So, before I left to go pick her up at her apartment, I bought a bouquet of flowers to put in the truck seat (passenger) so when I opened the door for her to get in my truck, she would see them. To my surprise, plans changed and we just met at a restaurant for lunch. Well, I wasn't stuck yet!!! NO WAY!! Right after we ordered drinks in the restaurant, I told her I had to go to the bathroom...and actually that’s all I had planned on doing. While I was in the bathroom, there was a gentleman in there that was an employee for the restaurant. I politely asked him if he worked here and he said yes. I said...something to the effect, "Would you mind doing me a really big favor?" He said sure what is it. I told him about my date and the flowers that were still in my truck and I asked him if one of the servers could bring them to the table for her in about 10 minutes. He said, "Sure, that wouldn't be a problem." So, I snuck out to the parking lot, gave the gentleman the flowers from my truck, and snuck back in. About 10 minutes later, a server showed up to the table with the flowers in a glass full of water and told my date, "These flowers are for you, from him." My date just stared at them in awe and I couldn't help but just stare at her the whole time! It was great!! She was absolutely stunned and flattered.
by Kevin

First date helpers
Here's a little idea to set the mood on a first date. Before going to the girls house buy a single red rose, and keep it on the passenger seat. When you pick her up, leave the rose there and on your way out, open the door for her. (If she is a little clumsy say something like "there's some stuff on the seat", so she doesn't get a thorn in the rear) This is almost guaranteed to get you a hug if not a kiss, right when the date starts, setting the mood. =)
by Anonymous

Giving Your Number
Well this my sound weird but I met the most wonderful guy this way. My bestfriend & I went to the mall & on our way out there were these really cute guys (they called us over to talk to them so I told her to take the car instead of walking so they thought that we dissed them) I happened to see the car they got out of so we went over to the car and I left a little note and my phone #, he ended up calling and said that was the coolest way he ever got a phone number, and I know he will always remember me (we talk for hours it's great).
by Rachel

It Doesn't Take Much To Be A Romantic!
I met this girl online and one day we finally met after chatting for 3 weeks. Luckily she only lived 2 hours away. Well one thing we did while we were together was go to the beach. A week later I bought a small bottle and filled it with sand from the beach and mailed it to her so she could remember the night forever!
by Matt

Mail Call
For Valentine's Day, or any day for that matter, send your sweetie a package in the mail or through UPS. Who doesn't enjoy getting a package in the mail; that alone will make their day! Filling the box will be half the fun for you! You can fill it with a variety of different things such as: a love letter, C.D. compiled of your songs, a homemade picture frame, collage of pictures, a book you wrote and illustrated ... etc. Be creative, the ideas are endless! Or, you can fill the box with items for the day ahead. For example: a gift certificate for a restaurant, a new shirt to wear on the date, movie tickets, perfume, candles, lingerie/boxers, wine, glasses, etc.
by Anonymous

Make His Head Spin
Some five years ago, on about our fourth date, my wife, instead of just giving me a sweet kiss and nicely stepping out of the car when I drove her home, grabbed me by the tie I was wearing after work, pulled me hard and kissed me hard for three seconds. Then she let go, dashed out of the car and into her house. It's been some years since that happened and my head is still spinning!!
by Anonymous


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