Thursday, June 11, 2009



by SILluvsMACH

you took my heart and kept it safe,
now don’t tell me that it’s starting to break,
I toss and turn and try to keep it together,
but I can’t help these tears from falling down my face......
I’m in love with an angel,
a lovely angel,
he holds my heart as if to guard it for a lifetime,
he tells me he loves me,
and oh man do I love him,
I would never do anything to harm you,
now I know I have your heart too,
I place it within my chest to beat aside of mine,
when ever I’m missing you I hold on to it,
and know that everything is going to be just fine,
no longer am I scared,
no longer am I with doubt,
for I know that you to are in love with me as much as I am in love with you,
we’re in good hands,
there isn’t anything to be afraid of,
because if you know me as well as I know you, you’ll know that I will never hurt you,
I’ll always stay true,
and I will love you for all eternity


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