Thursday, June 18, 2009

Missing You Like Crazy


Missing You Like Crazy
by Spiderhannah

Please fight for our love my dear.
Know you will be ok our love strong,so clear.

Missing you I try to stay very busy with things.
Gardening, writing, reading with various themes.

Missing you deep down into my heart.
Praying for your return, never more to part.

You are my sweetest of wonderful destiny.
Keeper of my butterflies, you can set them free.

You are my passionate, wonderful man.
My love for you will forever withstand.

With each thought of you my heart soars
Can’t wait to tell you how much you are adored.

How can I change the way I surely feel?
You are a love thief, my heart you steal.

Kisses will never melt my inner desire.
You are my poet the one I so admire.

I feel you are with me everyday.
Thinking of you my butterflies dance and play.

You are the love of my life.
No matter how hard the strife.

Feel my presence when you are near my heart.
Sweetly my thoughts with you should never part.


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