Wednesday, March 4, 2009


you treat me like a toy
by miggyboy16

i didn't realize it can be happen,
i didn't think it is possible,
i didn't realize you can do that to me,
it's sad but it's true.,
it was my mistake yet i love you..
i keep on pretending that i didn't saw wat youve done to me,
i hide the all the pain that you've given me,
i cried every night, cause i don't want you see me cryin in mornin,,
i always look happy when we see each other, yet my heart is crying cause i see you with other,,
i know i'am fool, but can't you feel it?..
i know everything, i know who you flirt every night, i know every single thing that you're do'in to crashed my heart..
but yet..
i'm still here..
waiting for you. . cause i really love you, though you love and treat me as a toy..


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