Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Becuz Of U


Becuz Of U
by Theone2hot

You cheated on me twice,
That's one to many times.
You thought you could deceive me,
With all your foolish lies.
Tell me something baby
Did u really think I'd believe you??
You gotta be crazy ,
You cant get away with see Two.
I didnt want to at first,
But its time I admit.
Inside my heart I was crying,
I tried hard not to show it.
you have someone knew, I know your glad,
but u lost a good thing, the best you ever had.
u say you love me, whatever! you don't care.
Why do things always go Wrong?
Like they say: "life aint fair"
Why'd you mess it up?
After these past two years.
Don't you remember what we went through?
Hugs, kisses, laughter, and the tears?
I guess it didnt mean much,
Not to you but only to me.
Now its all gotta end,
cuz you won't do nothing but cheat.
I thought that things were different,
I thought that you had changed,
But I guess I was wrong again,
You are still playing games.
You broke my heart one last time,
I know now that you'll never be mine
you took my heart, right from my chest,
When you knew I gave you all of my best.
You had your little friend, that torn us in two
you should have came to the one, that one who really loves you
Whether you admit he did or you don't,
I won't let myself care no more,
I've told myself I won't.
I came to your house, and asked you not to leave
I cried my heart out ,and got on one knee.
but whatever makes you happy, being with him
and not with me ,you won't be
my wife ,not in your so-called I love you dream.


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