Wednesday, March 4, 2009

I hate the way


I hate the way
by kerenush

I hate the way
you treated me
the way you told me
how different we were.
the way you told me
that although you loved me
you had to let me go.

I hate the way
you let me stand here
shading another tear.
Another pain is passing by
and everyone is asking why.
Another wish that it all
was different.

I know the way
it all was over
wasn't easy for me.
this distance between us
this way of sitting there
behind the screen and
you writing me an email.

I hate the way
you ended it all.
These words behind the screen
you asking me to move on
without asking if I wanted to.
without letting me to say another word
just letting everything go.

I hate the way
you never let me be
someone I wanted to be.
how I had to hide from you my
my being me.
my being myself.

I know the way
it all ended is still
written upon my heart.
I also know that now
I am ready to let it go.
I want it to take this pain
upon me and finally go.


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