Thursday, March 5, 2009

Goodbye In Pieces


Goodbye In Pieces
by chickenoodle

It may be goodbye as we know each other now, but if not for that I may have never felt what it is like to be loved for who I am through my strengths as well as my many faults. And I may never know again what it is like to have the raw naked truth and honesty we have shared with each other time and time again. I can't fully explain my disposition to you. but you know what you know and it is understood. Miles will soon separate us, time no doubt will move on but no matter the distance or time you will be a distraction within my mind.. curving my decisions and altering my feelings, because I have some pieces of you embedded within me.. and though they are fragments that can not be seen they will always be a remminder of the glimps I have of a love so deep and a want so bad.. Do not be lead by the words you read for time is endless and what we dream may never be... just know i have loved for you.. . I hope you find that wholeness you've been searching for so to share your happiness with me and just maybe I will share the same with you . . Or perhaps, somewhere along our ways we will find one another picking up pieces of each other again .


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