Wednesday, February 11, 2009

So Broken Inside


So Broken Inside
by Bonnee(salma)

In all my heartaches I thought
another one couldn't out do the last
but I was so foolishly wrong
cause this new one the old one has passed.

You know someone warned me the other day
to be careful with my heart
I guess I should have listened cause if I had
it wouldn't be today..broken apart.

I've always had this way about me
believing what other people say
I wish I had believed that person
if I had I wouldn't be crying today.

I don't think you know how it feels
to have a broken heart
cause if you did you wouldn't have
just ripped mine apart.

If you honestly love me you
could think of words to say
but instead you said you couldn't
and broke my heart again today.

Like any other thing a heart
can only take so much pain
when it breaks down dreams,hopes & love
are washed away by the tear fed rain.

I just feel lost,lonely,numb
and cold like the far away stars
my heart don't resemble a heart any more
cause its all covered by scars.

This last time you hurt me
is the most hurtful of all
never again will I give my heart
nor ever again in love will I fall.

Every tear that runs down my face
is crying out your name
I feel about you like I always have
but there's something bout you that's just not the same.

Please don't play games with my heart
I don't know how much more it can take
but I do know that how you acted today
has caused another painful break.

I thought today was gonna be a good day
when I saw you online
but instead I end up alone
all alone and cryin'.

Yes,actions do speak louder than words
and they will tell me about you
whether you're just playing games with me
or if your love for me is true.


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