Thursday, February 12, 2009

Ideas: Staying In - Theme Ideas


"LOST" Dinner
My boyfriend really likes the television show "Lost." For the season premiere, I decided to surprise him with a dinner that was based on the show. I had never seen the show myself, so I spent all day researching what kinds of foods the characters ate on the island. I made a ham steak to represent the boar that was hunted, I made my own DHARMA Initiative food labels for a can of green beans, a bottle of soda, and a box of dehydrated potatoes to make mashed potatoes, and I had labels for Apollo bars. I also made a fruit salad, and we drank our drinks out of coconut cups. I also printed a DHARMA symbol for the outside of the door. He was so surprised and loved all the thought and effort I had put into making this dinner from him!
by Audrey

5-Destination Dinner
My wife and I celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary last year and being the romantic man I am I wanted to make it special. After much thought, I came up with the idea of taking her on a trip...sort of!! I picked 5 places I thought might be romantic to her and I had a guy at my job print out these huge posters of romantic settings from those places. I picked Paris, Bermuda, Italy, and so on. I then put these on all 4 walls in 5 rooms in my house. After that I found restaurants close by that served food from that particular area and set up a dinning experience for that place. So we had dinner, in Paris while looking at the view from the Eiffel Tower. I even bought reflective stars to place on the ceiling, I mean it was awesome. It was a lot of work but definitely worth every minute because my sweetie is so so special.
by De'lon Allen

70's Night of Romance
One night I ran a bubble bath for my girlfriend, while she was busy in the bath, I replaced the bulbs in the basement with black light bulbs and I also brought in a black light lamp. I put a mattress on the floor with a white sheet over it. I also had a bunch of fluorescent markers and plenty of paper. The mood was set! When she came downstairs, I put on Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon. She was really surprised to see what I'd done. We spent the whole night writing on each other, on the bed, writing notes to each other on the pieces of paper, and enjoying each other under the glow of the black lights. It was a night to remember!
by Jack

A Garden Enclosed
On our honeymoon, my husband and I read part of the Song of Solomon to each other before consecrating the marriage. So for our first anniversary I recreated the evening with a little twist. In the story, the woman invites the man into her "garden". So I did just that. I put a chocolate key (that I got at the dollar store near Valentine’s Day) into my husband’s lunch with an invitation to "come into my garden," and a tag on the key that stated that it was the key to unlock the door. (“Here is the key to a garden enclosed, a spring shut up, a fountain sealed." -- Song of Solomon) Then I decorated our home to look like a garden by putting vines around the doorframes and filling it with flowers. To add to the garden-like atmosphere, I lit incense (with flower fragrance) and played one of those nature cds in the background. I then laid waiting for him in our bed sprinkled with flower petals wearing only three flowers in places (I am sure you can guess where). I encourage you and your spouse to read the book together, in parts. It’s very romantic and may inspire a few ideas of your own.
by Anonymous

A New Country
Knowing we could not afford a romantic getaway, I decided to bring the world to my Significant Other. I used my computer and created a country, with him the king, of course, created a language, some laws, designed some money, created a passport with a VISA to this country, designed a visitor's book detailing all of this. Then I created a "You are entering" type of sign and put it up in the room that was transformed into another country. Low lights, tinsel (from Christmas), candles, a crown. The day before the "occasion" he was given a passport to this country along with clothing instructions (would not want to stick out (pun intended) in the crowd. When he got up in the morning he showered, dressed in his bright red robe and entered the pearl beaded entranceway to another world. There I fed him grapes, poured drinks, massaged and pampered him the entire day. No TV, just soft music and total focus on him. The "king" tipped royally.
by Angel

A Night On The Roof
We went to our favorite little apartment by the sea that we rent from time to time but to avoid the monotony, we took our bed and some candles up to the roof. It was the perfect night!
by Coffee

A Ring Of Fire
Have the following things ready: a big circle of candles, blindfold, flower petals that spell out "I love you!", some music that the 2 of you like, and a piece of paper with 101 things that you love about the person. Now before your love walks in the door blindfold them and stand them in the circle of candles and as you light them say things like, “This is for every kiss,” “This is for our love,” etc. until the last candle is lit. Take off their blindfold and at that moment give them the 101 reasons why you love them and place on the music that is special to the two of you. This is a very romantic way to start the night with your love!
by Moonraven

A Shared Treasure Hunt
A few years ago my boyfriend had to work till late in the evening so I decided to surprise him with a treasure hunt. I had some nice envelopes and stationary and left clues all around the house. The house was dark, and silent. The first clue was taped to the front door for when he arrived. I included a book of matches and the rules of the game. I offered hints for the price of a kiss and a message that read, "Follow the clues to light your way." The first clue also included a small candle for him to light. I hid wine glasses, a chilled bottle of our favorite wine, chocolate to share, and a couple of little gifts for him. As he found the items, he had small tasks to choosing a song and dancing with me, sharing a glass of wine with me, things like that. With each clue I included a candle for him to light, after he had found all the clues and lit all the candles and turned on the music and opened the wine and fed me the chocolate it really enhanced the mood. Needless to say the evening was perfect and unforgettable. He still has all of the clues and even the matchbook (four years later!) and every now and then we run across them and it still makes him smile.
by Anonymous

A Trail Of Love
When your better half gets home have a note outside the entry door with some directions on it, telling him/her what to do as they enter the house. Have a trail of notes in places that you know they will go to, giving them more directions. In the notes you tell them to take off clothes, shoes, etc... follow the trail of rose petals you have placed on the floor leading to whatever room you plan on being intimate in. Have the room decorated with some type of arrangements that will lead you up to the moment to dance for your partner. Make sure you have lit candles and sexy dancing music playing. Hide in a room until your partner has followed ALL directions. Then you come out and do your thing. What a night to remember!
by Renee Moore

A trip to Hawaii in your bedroom
My husband had a wonderful evening planned for me one night after a stressful day of tending the children I walked into our bedroom and was amazed to find a tropical paradise. He had gone to a local party supply place and bought a cardboard palm tree, a sign that said Aloah, alot of plastic lae, Bananas coconuts,and pineapples from the grocery store. He told me to sit on the bed and we watched a travel video about Hawaii, ate cut up pineapple and he gave me a massage with tropical oil. It was a wonderful evening.
by Natalie


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