Thursday, February 12, 2009

Ideas: In The City


An Intimate Look at the City
My fiancée and I live in the Chicago suburbs. We went into the city one weekend to meet up with friends and decided to get a hotel room for the Friday evening. After grabbing a bite to eat, we went out to the Lake Michigan shoreline. We were snacking on food and talking when she pulled a wine bottle and two glasses out of an oversized bag. As the sun set and the lights came up on the shoreline we toasted a great start to a fun weekend. I was speechless the walk back to the hotel. I had been to downtown on many dates, but never one that was as nice as that evening.
by Anonymous

City Lights Anniversary
It was our first year anniversary and I wasn't planning anything because money was tight. So on the day of our anniversary, and to my complete surprise, he told me to be ready at around 5pm. I got ready and he came and picked me up. He told me that I had to be blindfolded to our destination. The drive took forever. We finally got to where he wanted me and took my blindfold off. It was in the middle of Manhattan, NY (Times Square). I was so surprised! Believe it or not, we live about 45 minutes away from Manhattan, and this was our first time going there together! We spent the rest of the night just walking around, shopping a little bit, getting our picture taken, eating dinner, and then my favorite was riding on a horse driven carriage. It was by far the most romantic thing anybody has ever done for me.
by Anonymous

Dancing to Violins
The day of our one-year anniversary, my boyfriend came and picked me up at my house and took me to this gorgeous building, downtown. Once inside, he took me to the dance floor. It was all wood and very ornate; gorgeous! The next thing I know, I hear violin music playing! A friend of his knows how to play the violin and came and played some of our special songs while we danced. It was so special. Just him and I on the dance floor was magical. Then he took me to dinner and on a carriage ride around Downtown. It was the most memorable evening we've ever had. When I think of how much time and effort it took for him to plan this evening, it makes me love him even more!
--submitted by Heather

Escalator Kisses
My boyfriend and I have this custom while going on escalators: while on it, he often stands on the stair below mine so that he would appear shorter and could hug me around the waist, and I could hug him around the shoulders. Then he would crane up to kiss me on the chin or cheeks, and I would return by kissing him on the forehead or his cheeks. It's always fun and every time we see an escalator in front of us, no matter where we are, (shopping malls, train stations etc.), we can't wait to get on it!
by Zana

Grocery Store Fun
Grocery shopping with your mate can be an experience from hell, but here's a tip. Visit your local card store and pick up three little cards that are about the size of your palm. On each one write something creative, example: I'll have something waiting for you when we get home or guess what I'm not wearing. While grocery shopping, slip him these tiny cards. I'm sure he'll be pleasantly surprised and you'll find how fast your grocery shopping gets done. Another good place for this idea is at a restaurant.
by Anonymous

Movie Dates
The next time you go to the movies with your love, sit in the top row seats where the arm-rests can fold down and there aren't any people behind you. Then, you can snuggle all you want to without fear of offending somebody or being uncomfortable. This is especially nice when you go to see romantic movies.
by Crystal

NYC by night
This is perfect if you live in NYC, but if not, try to find something of the like. On their one year anniversary, my friend's boyfriend picked her up in a limo and drove around the city to the pier, where there was a yacht, which served a 3-4 course dinner. The yacht took them around the NYC skyline, and at night, this is the most incredible thing, and one of the most romantic. She went home, literally floating.
by Annie

New York Surprise
My boyfriend and I started dating when I was in Europe for a summer and he was back in the States. We both go to school in the Midwest, but he is originally from the suburbs of New York City. A week after I returned from Europe, we went to New York to meet his family, and he had set up a surprise for me: early in the day, while I was taking a nap, he went into the city to "set things up," while his friends entertained me. That night, we went out for dinner at an exquisite Indian restaurant, and then on a carriage ride around Central Park, then to see a Broadway musical, and at the end of the night, we didn't go back to the suburbs. Instead, we stayed at the Waldorf Astoria hotel, where he had already set up a bottle of champagne and two glasses. It was so romantic, and more than I could have ever dreamed of!
by Anonymous

Parking Lot Romance
My husband and I have been married for almost 3 years and we want to be newlyweds forever. We've already found out that it’s easy to just take each other for granted and be too comfortable with what you have. To keep things spicy we're trying to keep impressing each other. One early morning, I went out to the car and next to it, with blue & pink chalk, I wrote in big letters on the pavement "Have a great day, Honey. I love you!" We live in an apartment complex so other people saw my message and when he left for work he had to do a double take. He loved it! He came back in and gave me the biggest hug and kiss! I could tell he wanted to stay. He's still thanking me and it’s been 1 1/2 weeks.
by Tanya

Proposal On The Expressway
My sister, Blaunch, was not yet ready to get married to her boyfriend, but one day when we were driving along the expressway, our attention was caught by a billboard stating, "Blaunch, will you marry me? I love you so much... from Luis". She quickly called her boyfriend on her phone and said, "Yes, yes, yes!"
by Bambie


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