Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Secret Love


Secret Love
by lucklady1990

i am not allowed to tell you
the things that are in my heart
because the truth of it is
i've been liking you from the start

it has been you since the first day
you had my heart at hello
when you're around me
i never want to to go

i'm quite surprized you don't know
that its you i like
i'd thought it was obvious
if u didn't notice how its you i always fight

i dream dreams at night
fantasies about you
then i wake up and beg
to the heavens that you'll make them come true

you know me inside out
you read me like a book
from the moment i saw you
love just took one look

i love you...
and you don't even seem to know
for all these years of friendship
my love will grow

i don't when
but one day i know you'll feel the same
because no matter what
my love will never change


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