Wednesday, March 4, 2009



by raskse46


As the rain starts to fall from the heavens I would just start to think of you, and in the mist of the rain I would see a Beautiful
This Rainbow would start from you and it would finished to me
It’s cool and colorful that makes me start to think
Of you, it’s like a Big Bridged so that we can cross over it into each other Arms.
And as I start to close my eyes so that I can hear you say I love you in this rain that has fallen down a pond on as both
It feels like as if someone’s that is crying,
Just for us.

And as the rain starts to Claire and it’s not as hard before and then
The Sun starts to Shine I see the Home that we will live in,
So far away but so Claire to see it.
I could feel the Rainbow turning around as if it knew where we going
To live forever, I could see your eyes steering at the
House that you will live in.
Where the grass is so green and the kid play things in the back yard
And as we start to walk across the rainbow to our home
I would take you by the hand so that I know that you are next to
Me as we walked,
And we would both smiled at each other to take a chance of
Having a life.

They would say that end of an Rainbow is a pot of Gold
The only thing that I got is not Pot Gold
But you,
They also say that it’s the luck of the Irish and there Pot of Gold
I’m may not be Irish but who knows?
But I do have some luck at times and the only luck I got was you
To take a chance on me was the luck that you
Gave your self to found the Man that will love you and to take good
Care of you, I’ll be your Anchor for life.
I will love you for who are and our Prayers is for as
To see the reflections of a Rainbow
Through light of a raining day,
Our two Cultures and Heritages will come like a rain bow
Those will last forever.

I wished that we can share a Rainbow together hold in our hands so that we can live forever,
I will love you like a Rainbow, I love you like a Rose, and I love you
Like my first true love.
I never am anyone’s Yesterday Man but for you my Wife I’ll be
Your Everyday Man


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